to Be


Each 262 Running Club gives students of all ages a chance to develop positive relationships, foster a healthy lifestyle, and build character in a fun, free, after-school setting.

The Program

Members of each 262 Running Club set personal and group goals, receive individual coaching, and participate in local and national competitions to push themselves to new levels of health and fitness. Our fitness tracking program enables kids to view their progress over time, as well as set and achieve new goals as their performance improves.


Students use online and live learning sessions to understand the best form and methods to maximize their running performance and overall level of fitness, leveraging our network of sponsors, coaches, and athletes to create a vibrant community to support fitness and health.


All 262 Running Club members develop strong, personal bonds with fellow student-athletes, coaches, and sponsors, resulting in positive, transformative relationships that endure over time and space.

The Tools

Students receive:

Fitness Gear

Fitness Coaching




Fund a



Sponsor a 262 Running Club and help kids in your community lead a healthy, wellful life.

Launch a



Start a 262 Running Club at your school to give your students an excellent after-school opportunity.