Gain the

Skills to


Help children and young adults develop essential leadership traits and skills that will enable them to consistently succeed and motivate their peers throughout school, careers, and life.

The Program

We believe that children and young adults who develop strong leadership traits, such as integrity, honesty, motivation, communication, and beyond will be able to succeed and empower their peers to lead productive, fruitful lives.


The LEAD program gives parents and teachers curriculum and resources that can be used with children of all ages to develop essential leadership traits and skills.


Children learn the importance of leadership, use tools to measure, analyze, and track their leadership skills, and receive ongoing training from parents, teachers, and/or other community members to amplify their development over time.

The Tools

Students receive:

LEAD Curriculum

LEAD Tools

LEAD Training




Fund a



Sponsor a LEAD program to help students develop a variety of essential leadership skills.

Launch a



Start a LEAD program at your school to help students build the leadership skills needed for success.