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Drives Innovation

We use our leadership and innovation frameworks to pilot new ideas and then partner with leading universities to train new teachers and leaders.

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The Idea

Leadership and mentoring programs provide adults and students with leaders that deeply care about them and their success. Teachers meet regularly with students to discuss progress, develop character competencies, and forge a strong relationship that delivers deep and personal support for students.

The Tools

Onward Leadership








The Outcome

Canvas Lab Schools leverage the power of the entire community, from students to parents, teachers to leaders, and beyond to host innovation tournaments and power pilots that turn ideas into actions and results. We then share these results with schools in our network and the larger education community to foster a research and development lab that scales and improves student learning.

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Innovation Framework

We use a proven method to gather and test a variety of new ideas

Our innovation framework enables us repeat the process of innovation again and again. We use innovation tournaments and other mechanisms to foster and gather a wide volume and variance of ideas from a diverse set of stakeholders. We then iterate on ideas until a pilot project is ready to improve learning for our students.

Leadership Fellows

A sustainable leadership funnel that scales success

Canvas Leadership Fellows spend a year working in a school and learning at our partner universities to gain the experience and knowledge necessary to scale our successes by launching new Canvas Lab Schools in cities across the country.

Teacher Residencies

A comprehensive learning experience for student teachers

Rather than spending only 6-12 weeks in a classroom, we partner with leading colleges and universities to offer student teachers an immersive 2-3 year classroom experience, giving them the practical experience necessary to be ready for success on day 1.

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